Exhibition topics

RAO/CIS Offshore 2019 Exhibition presents new projects of oil and gas resources development in Russian Arctic and CIS Shelf, innovative techniques and technologies of oil and gas exploration, facilities for industrial and environmental safety.

* This exhibit profile list is not exhaustive. It is intended as a guide only.

    Exhibition subjects


    • Geological and geophysical research
    • Hydrometeorological and geotechnical equipment and technologies
    • Geophysical technologies and equipment for maritime activities

    Shipbuilding and marine constructions

    • Design, construction and operation of ships and marine structure
    • Special-purpose vessels, ice-breakers, vessels for offshore operations support
    • Marine structures, floating drilling rigs and facilities for oil and gas extraction, exploring and geological estimation of oil and gas resources in Russian Arctic and Russian and CIS continental shelf
    • Aviation for marine structures support, monitoring and elimination of accidents and spills of hydrocarbons

    Technique and technologies of oil and gas resources development in arctic conditions and on continental shelf

    • Pumps, compressors, valves and auxiliary machinery
    • Welding and related technologies in shipbuilding, in marine equipment manufacturing and construction of shore facility
    • Engineering and metalworking
    • Drilling equipment
    • Valves
    • Pipes and pipelines
    • Chemicals, additives and materials
    • Technical means for seismic exploration, engineering and geological work
    • Technical means for conducting towing, installation and other work at sea
    • Ventilation, heating and cooling
    • Power and electrotechnical equipment, construction materials
    • Cables
    • Measurement assurance
    • Communication and navigation systems

    Subsea equipment and pipelines

    • Equipment and technologies for construction and operation of subsea oil and gas wells on the sea
    • Technical tools for underwater operations
    • Automated control systems and telemechanization of underwater drilling
    • Technique and technology of deep-sea rescue and work

    Industrial and environmental safety, environmental protection; safety equipment and training

    • Technologies and tools for environmental safety
    • Technical means of monitoring and control of the environment
    • Systems and security, prevention of accidents on marine structures, terminals and pipelines, rescue and fire fighting systems
    • Disposal and recycling waste
    • Security and fire safety equipment; safety training
    • Laboratory equipment and analytical instruments
    • Overall

    Information technologies

    • Information technologies and software
    • Insurance risks in the development of offshore deposits
    • Consulting and legal services
    • Scientific and technical literature

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