Information for Authors

Official languages of the Conference are Russian and English. The simultaneous translation of presentations will be provided.

Each registered participant can deliver only one presentation.

The RAO/CIS Offshore 2019 Proceedings will be prepared and distributed among all registered participants of the Conference in electronic version. All accepted papers will be published in the Proceedings.

The participant who is going to make a presentation at the Conference is to register at the RAO/CIS Offshore website ( and to forward an abstract to the Secretariat (e-mail: [email protected] ) It is a 1/2 A4 format page in English.

After Program Committee reviewing, all papers will be arranged according to the theme.

My paper is included in conference program. How and when I should send my papers for publishing?

How to execute my papers correctly

The template of the final paper execution

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The electronic version of the final paper is to be done in Microsoft Word and forwarded to the Secretariat not later than July 10, 2019 as follows:

The title (subject) of a message is to contain the text: «RAO 2019 presentation», and the letter is to include the title of the paper, the name of the author (authors) and contact phones.

The message is to contain also the following mention: «Hereby I (we) agree the paper “________” (the title) to be published in the RAO/CIS Offshore 2019 Proceedings».

The size of the message containing your paper must be no more than 10 000 KB. In the case of necessity to send the information of larger size, you may divide it into several parts, for example, using WinRAR

After receiving the paper, Secretariat will send a confirmation letter. If you do not receive any confirmation letter, your paper has not been received!



The paper is to be done in Microsoft Word, in English.

The volume of the paper – no more than 8 pages, A4 format (approx. 15 000 printed characters), including illustrations and references.

The page size is A4 (210 x 297 mm), portrait orientation, without page numbering. All margins are 20 mm. Line interval is single, interval before paragraph is 6-point, interval after paragraph is 0-point.

The title of the paper is to be written in CAPITAL LETTERS (TimesNewRoman Bold font type, 14-point size, left alignment).

Under the heading full names of authors and the title of organization are to be indicated (Arial font style, 10-point size, left alignment, without paragraph indention).

The abstract of about 60-100 words (Arial Italic font style, 11-point size, edgewise alignment, without paragraph indention) is to be placed below.

Then the text of the paper is to be placed (Arial font style, 11-point size, edgewise alignment, 10-mm paragraph indention).

Please do not fix the paragraph indention with the «gap» key, and do not place any spaces between paragraphs with the «Enter» key !

Illustrations (including formulas, tables, graphics and diagrams) are to be placed in the order of their mentioning. Please avoid heavy graphics with dark backgrounds, because they are not well reprinted. Illustrations are to be numbered in the order of their mentioning and have legends (Arial Bold font style, 10-point size, left alignment).

Only illustrations as *.tiff files are admissible. The illustration size is: width - no more than 160 mm, height – no more than 230 mm, resolution – 300 dpi.

Formulas should be clear, made in PC or scanned. All formulas are included in the document as illustrations.

All used illustrations should be attached to the message as separate graphic files.

Including tables in the text are undesirable. If necessary, tables are to be made with standard features of Microsoft Word. All tables are to be also numbered in the order of their mentioning and have the titles (Arial Bold font style, 10-point size, left alignment). The size of the table is: width – 160 mm, height – no more than 230 mm.

As your paper will be included in the collection, please do not give the references to your pages in your paper. Thus all these references will become false. References only to the numbers of pictures, to parts of the paper and etc. are admissible. We also kindly ask you not to use footnotes.

The pattern of the paper may be downloaded here:, 101Kb



For more information on presentation and final paper requirements, please contact:
tel.: +7(812) 320-80-91, e-mail: [email protected]


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