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Now such a huge number of business activities are held, that sometimes one hardly make the choice.

How to get maximum effect from visiting exhibition? First, it is necessary to define the exhibition.

What can help a specialist? Of course, the information provided on the event website – look through the history of exhibition and exhibition topics.

The choice is made?
Visitor’s registration

A month before the exhibition:

  1. Include the date of the exhibition in your calendar not to miss the show.
    View important dates
  2. Subscribe to the newsletters from the organizers to be aware.
    Subscribe to news
  3. If you are coming from another cit, book a hotel and air / train tickets in advance.
    Extra services
  4. Pre-read the business program of the event. You may also want to take part in the conference.
    About the Conference

A week before the exhibition:

  1. Look location map for the exhibition. Choose the most convenient route. If you travel by car, explore the map and think of a place to park.
  2. Think about what tasks you want to decide on the show, what you are looking for? Examine the list of exhibitors and floor plan. Assign business meetings with target companies in advance, or just list interesting stands.
  3. Apply for an electronic ticket in advance. It's free. Advance registration also saves you from line in registration area. You will only get a visitor badge at the registration area.
    Apply for a ticket
  4. Invite your colleagues to the exhibition. They may also be interested in this event. Together with colleagues you will be able to negotiate with a large number of exhibitors, and you will feel more confident.
  5. Use the exhibition as a convenient meeting place not only with the exhibitors, but also with your clients, partners and colleagues. You can make an appointment at the business center of the exhibition.

At the exhibition:

  1. Use the exhibition guide (hard copy will be given to you in the registration area). It includes a show floor plan with an alphabetical list of exhibitors and exhibition program of activities.
  2. Take the exhibition newspaper to get more information about the event.
  3. Take to the exhibition a large number of your business cards, presentation booklets or the price, if you need them.
  4. Make notes on business cards and brochures of companies where you have negotiations. These notes will help you in the future to recall the essence of the conversation.
  5. Please contact the organizers of the exhibition, if you have any questions.

After the exhibition:

  1. Allow time for processing and analysis of the data and maintain the contacts established at the exhibition
  2. Plan your next visit to the exhibition.

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